We offer a wide range of Interior services

Glass Consultancy

Glass offers clients and designers a vast array of applications throughout a project. The specification of glass requires an in depth technical knowledge of its structural and technical performance to fuse it with the structure seamlessly.

Aspiration Interiors offer a consultative service supporting designers and specifiers on commercial and residential projects. We review designs, specifications and concepts on a commercial, technical and aesthetical basis allowing us to make an considered contribution to the planning and execution of a project. With our extensive experience delivering numerous projects for blue chip clients we bring invaluable experience and a unique view point which can enhance design proposals.

We will support the professional team during the design and planning stage or from inception to completion of the project. The consultation service is available on a day basis alternatively we can agree a long term assignment for larger projects. We would be happy to discuss how our team can help you maximise the potential of your project.